make- up artist

Location / Розташування / место нахождения

Institution – інституція – Организация

Landestheater Schwaben

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City – Населений пункт – Населенный пункт


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About the job – Про роботу – О работе

Work Area – Галузь – Отдел
Costume & Make-Up
Job Type and Compensation – визначені сфери робіт – Определение сферы деятельности
Full time
Job Description – Опис місця роботи – Должностные обязанности
For the season 2022/23 the Landestheater Schwaben is looking to fill the position of a make-up artist. Your tasks include in particular: *Producing wigs, hairpieces, masks of all types and artificial body parts. *Making up and gluing wigs, attaching masks and other mask-specific parts before and during theatrical performances. This refers to performances and special events at the theatre in Memmingen and at other theatres in the remaining play area. *Occasional make-up workshops or instructions for events of theatre pedagogy. *Researching patterns based on costume designer's drafts. *Caretaking and maintenance of the mask funds and stock. *Procurement of materials, efficiently and cost-covering. *Management of the mask budget in coordination with the head of equipment. *Independent scheduling of mask times and studio times You bring with you: - completed hairdressing apprenticeship - completed training as a make-up artist (at the theater!) - profound knowledge in men's and women's hairdressing ,both modern and historical - on time, artistic realization of the designs, adaptability - willingness to work flexible hours - ability to work under pressure, high level of commitment and sense of responsibility - initiative and independence The employment takes place after NV stage SR technology. The contract is limited to an initial period of two years, but further employment is intended. The job offer is preferentially directed at career starters. Accordingly, the position will be compensated with the minimum salary according to NV Bühne ("beginner's salary"). We are committed to equal opportunities and diversity. We therefore welcome applications from interested persons regardless of cultural and social background, age, religion, ideology, disability or sexual orientation and gender identity. Preference will be given to applications sent by e-mail. Please compile your documents into a PDF document of maximum 5 MB size and send it by May 31, 2022 to: For postal applications: Landestheater Schwaben Theaterplatz 2 87700 Memmingen Germany For organisational reasons, we ask for your understanding that applications submitted in writing cannot be returned after the selection process has been completed. Please understand that we cannot cover any costs that may arise for you in attending job interviews at our theatre.

Requirements – вимоги – Требования

Required Language Skills – Необхідні знання мови – необходимые знания иностранных языков
Required Qualifications – необхідна кваліфікація – Требующаяся квалификация

Time – Необхідні знання – Период времени

Start – початок – Начало
As of now
Duration – тривалість часу – Продолжительность
unspecified duration

Support for accommodations – Допомога з помешканням – Помощь в поиске жилья

Help with finding accomodations can be provided

Institution – Заклад / інституція – Организация

ABOUT THE INSTITUTION – Iнформація про заклад – Описание организации

The Landestheater Schwaben (Rural Theatre of Swabia), located in the centre of Memmingen, is a cultural beacon for the whole region of Swabia. With energy and passion, a playful ensemble and about 50 members of staff Landestheater Schwaben put together about 15 own productions per season on the stage of the Grand House, on the Studio Stage, the Foyer Stage, the newly opened Junges Landestheater Schwaben and at many cities in the remaining play area in about 200 performances.

With a rather young artistic team the Landestheater Schwaben produces a versatile and interesting playing schedule that ranges from contemporary plays, classical material and brilliant comedies to musical productions. Regional topics, new drama and young authors are put on stage in world premieres or first releases in German-speaking countries. The newly opened Junges Landestheater Schwaben increased the number of shows produced exclusively for children or youngsters.

We work with passion and innovation for theatre. We offer a multifaceted work environment in a highly motivated team and with much freedom to design for each team member. Landestheater Schwaben is located in the culturally interested, peaceful, small town of Memmingen on the edge of the Allgäu.

We require great enthusiasm for theatre, creativity, communicative skills, a high level of personal responsibility and the desire to contribute artistically, as well as a high level of resilience and stress resistance.

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Contact information – Контактна особа і контактні дані – Ответственное лицо и контакт For postal applications: Landestheater Schwaben Theaterplatz 2 87700 Memmingen Germany