Employee lighting and video technology (f/m/d)

Location / Розташування / место нахождения

Institution – інституція – Организация

Schauburg - Theater für junges Publikum

Country – Країна – Страна


City – Населений пункт – Населенный пункт


Federal StatE – Федеральна земля – Федеральная земля


About the job – Про роботу – О работе

Work Area – Галузь – Отдел
Stage Crew (Lighting, Sound, Stagehands, Rigging etc.)
Job Type and Compensation – визначені сфери робіт – Определение сферы деятельности
Other Full time or Part time
Job Description – Опис місця роботи – Должностные обязанности
Your tasks: You will be responsible for independently setting up lighting and video equipment for rehearsals, performances and events according to schedule or instructions. You will also assist with lighting and video documentation. The technical supervision of rehearsals and performances as well as other productions and external guest performances are also part of your field of activity. You will also be responsible for the maintenance and care of all technical equipment for lighting and video technology. We assume that you are willing to work normal theater hours (especially evenings, Sundays and holidays) and that you are able to lift heavy. Foreign professional qualifications can only be considered if you can provide proof of equivalence. You can find the office responsible for this via the portal www.anerkennung-in-deutschland.de. You can also obtain further advice on this from the Service Center for the Development of Foreign Qualifications in the Social Department at www.muenchen.de or by e-mail: servicestelle-anerkennung.soz@muenchen.de (please use the subject "Application to the City of Munich"). The City of Munich stands for equality, equal opportunities and anti-discrimination, also in the recruitment of personnel. Therefore, we expect equality and diversity competence from all persons applying. For more details on the general requirements profile of the City of Munich, which is part of this job advertisement, please visit: muenchen.de/bewerbung.

Requirements – вимоги – Требования

Required Language Skills – Необхідні знання мови – необходимые знания иностранных языков
Required Qualifications – необхідна кваліфікація – Требующаяся квалификация

Time – Необхідні знання – Период времени

Start – початок – Начало
Other: 01.09.2022
Duration – тривалість часу – Продолжительность
unspecified duration

Support for accommodations – Допомога з помешканням – Помощь в поиске жилья

Help with finding accomodations can be provided

Institution – Заклад / інституція – Организация

ABOUT THE INSTITUTION – Iнформація про заклад – Описание организации

City Theatre

Website – Веб-сторінка – Веб-сайт
Social media
https://www.facebook.com/SchauBurgMuenchen, https://www.instagram.com/schauburg_muenchen
Contact information – Контактна особа і контактні дані – Ответственное лицо и контакт
For information on the advertised position, please contact the Head of the Lighting Department, Mr. Massar (Tel. 089/233-37182). If you have any questions about the application process, please contact the Human Resources Department, Ms. Karger (Tel. 089/233-36849). For more information about Schauburg, please visit www.schauburg.net. Your application: Please send us your meaningful application (cover letter, CV, date of entry, references) as a PDF file, preferably by e-mail to: verwaltung.schauburg@muenchen.de. The size of the PDF file is limited to 5 MB. For applications by mail: Schauburg - Theater für junges Publikum Franz-Joseph-Strasse 47 80801 Munich Germany Application deadline: 12.06.2022 For more information about the City of Munich, which is part of this job posting, please visit muenchen.de/bewerbung.