Temporary help for supporting the Artistic Production Manager

Location / Розташування / место нахождения

Institution – інституція – Организация

Ruhrtriennale 2022

Country – Країна – Страна


City – Населений пункт – Населенный пункт


Federal StatE – Федеральна земля – Федеральная земля


About the job – Про роботу – О работе

Work Area – Галузь – Отдел
Job Type and Compensation – визначені сфери робіт – Определение сферы деятельности
Full time
Job Description – Опис місця роботи – Должностные обязанности
Supporting the Artistic Production Manager includes: Supporting the Production Manager in tasks concerning organisation, communication, as well as cater-ing and support before, during and after rehearsals and performances, assisting artists and other per-sonnel of the production.

Requirements – вимоги – Требования

Required Language Skills – Необхідні знання мови – необходимые знания иностранных языков
English,(German would be an advantage)
Required Qualifications – необхідна кваліфікація – Требующаяся квалификация

Time – Необхідні знання – Период времени

Start – початок – Начало
Other During Festival (11.8. bis 18.9. 2022)
Duration – тривалість часу – Продолжительность
Other During Festival (11.8. bis 18.9. 2022)

Support for accommodations – Допомога з помешканням – Помощь в поиске жилья

No help with can be provided

Institution – Заклад / інституція – Организация

ABOUT THE INSTITUTION – Iнформація про заклад – Описание организации

The Ruhrtriennale invites contemporary artists every year, to play in and with the monumental industrial
architecture of the Ruhr metropolitan region. Halls, coking plants, engine houses, tips and wastelands
from the mining and steel industry are transformed into impressive venues for music theatre, drama,
dance, performance and fine arts. They make the Ruhrtriennale a unique festival internationally. Urbane
Künste Ruhr, Chorwerk Ruhr and PACT Zollverein in the form of Tanzlandschaft Ruhr contribute artistic
projects to the Ruhrtriennale. The programming is led by the artistic directorate which is appointed for a
three-year cycle. The Artistic Director of the festival editions 2021 to 2023 is Barbara Frey.
Ruhrtriennale 2022 takes place from 11th August until 18th September.

Website – Веб-сторінка – Веб-сайт
Social media
Contact information – Контактна особа і контактні дані – Ответственное лицо и контакт
Please send a short application including CV (please note that only pdfs are accepted) to bewerbung@kulturruhr.com by 31st May 2022. Kultur Ruhr GmbH Lisa Holzberg, Tel.: 0234-97 48 33 38 bewerbung@kulturruhr.com Gerard-Mortier-Platz 1 44793 Bochum