Rehearsal and training rooms in Bautzen/Germany

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Institution – інституція – Организация

Sorbian National Ensemble

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Institution – Заклад / інституція – Организация

ABOUT THE INSTITUTION – Iнформація про заклад – Описание организации

The Sorbian National Ensemble was founded in 1952 at the suggestion of the Domowina, the national umbrella organisation of the Lusatian Sorbs. Funded by the Foundation for the Sorbian People, the three professional sections of ballet, choir and orchestra maintain, preserve and develop the cultural tradition of the Sorbs.

The members of the ensemble also see themselves as an ethnic link between the East and West and as cultural ambassadors in a united Europe. At home in Lusatia, the lively customs and traditions of the Sorbian people are the source and inspiration for unique folkloristic performing arts. Dance and music theatre with contemporary means of expression and musical fairy tales for children are just as much a part of this as choir programmes and concerts.

Tours have taken the ensemble members to over 40 countries on 4 continents. Among the approximately 14,000 performances, they have already made guest appearances in this country on stages such as the Hamburg State Opera, the Konzerthaus Berlin, the Festspielhaus Baden-Baden, the Prinzregententheater Munich and the Aalto Musiktheater Essen.

Germany-wide and international guest performances as well as regional own and co-operative events to promote young, up-and-coming artists are part of the portfolio offered by the only professional stage for music, dance and singing for Lusation Sorbs today.

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Sorbisches National-Ensemble gGmbH
Äußere Lauenstraße 2
02625 Bautzen

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