Head Tailor of male costume department

Location / Розташування / место нахождения

Institution – інституція – Организация

Theater Hof

Country – Країна – Страна


City – Населений пункт – Населенный пункт


Federal StatE – Федеральна земля – Федеральная земля


About the job – Про роботу – О работе

Work Area – Галузь – Отдел

Costume & Make-Up

Job Type and Compensation – визначені сфери робіт – Определение сферы деятельности

Full time

Job Description – Опис місця роботи – Должностные обязанности

The dressmakers deparment consists of 14 employees managed by the Head of Deparment. The deparment ís divided into two sub-deparments for male and female costumes.

Requirements – вимоги – Требования

Required Language Skills – Необхідні знання мови – необходимые знания иностранных языков


Required Qualifications – необхідна кваліфікація – Требующаяся квалификация

Time – Необхідні знання – Период времени

Start – початок – Начало

As of now

Duration – тривалість часу – Продолжительность

unspecified duration

Support for accommodations – Допомога з помешканням – Помощь в поиске жилья

Help with finding accomodations can be provided

Institution – Заклад / інституція – Организация

ABOUT THE INSTITUTION – Iнформація про заклад – Описание организации

State funded city theater with four artisitic departments and ensembles (music, drama, dance, youth) in Northern Bavaria with 160 employees + artistic guests. Main stage with 567 and studio with 99 seats, 20 new productions per season. Many of the productions go on tour for single shows in the region and beyond (1-4 days per month). We collarborate with the local symphonic orchestra (Hofer Symphoniker).

Excellent international working atmosphere, staff orginates from about 24 different countries. Workshops situated in the same building as other departments (dressmakers, locksmith, carpenters, make-up, painters, props etc.) as well as theater cafeteria, open to public as well.

City of Hof has a population of about 45.000 and offers comparatively low living expenses. Easily reachable by car and by train, highway A9 , exit 34, about an hour away from Leipzig, 1,5 hours from Nuremberg.

Website – Веб-сторінка – Веб-сайт
Social media

https://www.facebook.com/das.theater.hof, theater.hof (instagram)

Contact information – Контактна особа і контактні дані – Ответственное лицо и контакт

Please contact the Head of Costume Deparmet with you application, Mrs. Yami Quiroga:

Email: kostuem@theater-hof.de
Phine: +49 (0)9281 7070-157

Post adress: Kulmbacher Str. 5, 95030 Hof

Alternatively the Head of Administration, Mr. Ulrich Kern

Email: vwl@theater-hof.de
Phone: +49 (0)95281 7070107